From Edward Topsell’s The History of Four Footed Beasts and Serpents, published in 1658.  Topsell refers to the world of insects as the Theater of Insects, perhaps this little guy is leaving to take in a show!


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Why Do People Got To Starbucks?


Many people ask this question. In truth, it’s a great question and I used to wonder why anyone would leave their house to spend money on coffee instead of inexpensively enjoying some at home. After frequenting Starbuckes on and off in a few different locations I think I finally know why…. 

It’s because you get to see and hear some of the coolest shit! I like going to Starbucks because I get to watch and listen. Today for instance, I overheard a man say “the first time I ever saw an ocean was when I was 35.” Hearing that makes me appreciate the fact that I have been to the beach numerous times and makes me think about this random stranger’s life story. By only hearing one small statement, I get to fill in the gaps with my imagination.

Sometimes observing the people at Starbucks is like watching a movie, or maybe an independent short film. Over the years I’ve heard conversations and phone calls about new business ideas and other ventures like up and coming musical projects. One night a saw an angry couple walk in.  They were so upset at each other that the guy grabbed his drink when it was ready and without saying anything, left the store and drove away. Literally five minutes in the same spot, a guy and a girl in their early 20s met and started talking. It was obvious that they were just starting to get to know each other but seemed to be really connecting.  Within a half and hour, I got to witness the end of a relationship that had gone on for too long, and the beginning of a potential romance.    

I understand that people can get this sort of satisfaction from regularly attending almost any place.  But for those of us who don’t know where that place is, or don’t have access to more mom and pop like places, we have Starbucks.  


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